7' Aluminum Plywood Scaffolding Walkboard - Severe Duty


  • (1) 7' Severe Duty Aluminum/Plywood Walkboard


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  • $75.25

Our 7' Severe Duty Aluminum Plywood Walkboards are our extremely tough yet still light weight. The Severe Duty Walkboard features wider hooks for increased stability. After many years in the industry we have redesigned our walkboards to be fully reparable and modular. We use a nut and bolt system compared to the industry standard of permanent rivets. Should the board become damaged or broken this allows you to disassemble and replace individual parts instead of the entire board. Saving you both time and money.

The best boards on the market in the US, sold to you direct. No middleman. No distributor hassle. No dealer markup. The nicest board at the best pricing in America delivered directly to your door... Fast. How else would you shop?

Grady Smith,

CEO, ScaffoldMart.com

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