ScaffoldMart Yellow (Matches BJ)

Our frames are listedbelow width first and height second. For example,  a 5'X3' frame is 5' tall and 3' wide, and the table follows this pattern.

You'll find the table refers to a few different styles of frame as well:

Ladder Frames feature built in ladder rungs on one side seperated from an open side for stepping through by a center vertical beam.


Walkthrough Frames are built with no horizontal beams other than those at the top, in the shape of a upside down U with right angles. This provides an unimpeded path between frames, whereas the lower horizontal beams of a ladder frame are right about shin level where you would pas between frames.


Walkthrough w/ Ladder Frames incoprorate the best of both worlds. It is a walkthrough frame with a built in ladder but no lower horizontal extending the width of the frame, allowing one to pass freely under frames on the side opposite the ladder.


Bakers Frames, or narrow bakers scaffolding is built in the shape of a conventional ladder, and got it's name because it resembles a pizza oven. These frames come in one size: 28.5" wide and 6' tall with six ladder rungs.

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ScaffoldMart Pattern Frames (Matches BJ)

...We carried BilJax for years in the rental business before developing our own unique product line. ScaffoldMart pattern frames are completeley interchangeable with many of the  most popular BilJax frames of the same dimensions. Our frames feature a similar colored yellow powdercoatby the highly rated AkzoNobel. Although they are very much alike, they are not exact copys in every way. View the specific frames pages to double check if you need an exact match with an existing frame pattern.

We believe our scaffolding frames are superior to competitive products, here's a quick refresher on the lengths we go to make a quality frame:

We cope weld our horizontal tubes, for strength, as opposed to pinch welding. This means we scallop the ends of our horizontal tubes so that they hug the vertical support, and then weld the entire circumference for maximum weld contact area. Does this take extra time? Yes. Extra resources? Yes. But we wouldn't have it any other way.


We utilize a highly-rated AkzoNobel powdercoat for strength and durability. Powdercoating was our weak point, so we did something about it. All ou frames now utilize this reputable brand of powdercoat.


Frames feature a slagless tube design, creating tighter tolerances for increased rigidity.


Stud locks (c-locks and gravity flip locks) feature elongated tab ends, decreasing the chances of a brace or safety rail jostling loose.


Our galvanized c-locks utilize a hotdipped washer and stainless steel rolling pin, for the maximum in longevity.


The following video breaks down the differences between our premium galvanized c-locks and our gravity flip locks: