The Original Tower Package

We invented the tower package...

We invented the tower package as a turn-key solution for the small business. With at least three configurations at every height,, there's a tower for every application. These towers are configured to be compliant with federal OSHA standards at the height for which that tower is named.


Most of our competitors offer tower packages comparable to our budget model, so compare apples to apples when pricing scaffolding towers. If you desire extra rigidity, or you want some added peace of mind, check out our deluxe or super deluxe options.


You'll find a breakdown of the main differences in configurations above, and more detailed information as you click through their respective pages. Get educated so you can make a great decision. For more information on a specific part or product, go to that products page. If an item is listed in purple or underlined text, just click that text and you will be directed straight to more specific information on that product.


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*Always check with you most local OSHA to make sure you are up to code.