Scaffoldmart's 5'X3' Ladder Frame



  • (1) ScaffoldMart's 5'X3' Ladder Frame
  • (2) Stainless-Steel Stack Pins
  • (2) Zinc-plated Spring Rivets

  • $34.26

This frame is used as a replacement frame to our ScaffoldMart 5' x 3' Set or for building custom sets and towers. When combined with our 5'X5' set it is perfect for working in areas where height is a concern. This frame is commonly used in combination with our 5'X5' sets to achieve the ideal height. Our 5'X'3' frame meets and/or exceeds all OSHA regulations. All our frames feature the following:

Cope welds for increased strength and rigidity. We scallop our horizontal frame tubing so that it hugs its vertical support, then weld the entire circumfrence for maximum weld contact and strength.

For life and longevity, we apply a highly rated AkzoNobel powdercoat for strength and rigidity.

Increased end tab length on brace lock tabs compared to competitors.

    • Weight
      32.9000 lbs
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  • Tube Wall Thickness
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