Scaffolding Planks/Walkboards

Wooden and aluminum scaffolding planks...

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 Solid Sawn Scaffolding Planks

Solid sawn 2" X 10" southern yellow pine scaffolding planks from 8'-16'. They are graded to Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB) standards in our facility right here in Eastern North Carolina. We are the only scaffolding company in the country, as far as we know, that grades their own planks.


Laminate Veneer Lumber (LVL)

Manufactured 2" X 10" scaffolding planks. Meets all applicable ANSI and OSHA standards.


Aluminum Scaffold Walkboard

With extra metal in all the right places, our aluminum scaffolding walkboard is tough. It's also one of the best priced in the country.


Aluminum Plywood Walkboard

Overbuilt aluminum extrusions, 316-L stainless-steel carriage bolts, nylon backing nuts, and plywood with marine quality glue. It's the strongest walkboard out there, it's 100% modular.




Scaffolding planks are somewhat of an obsession...

...of my father. I use the term scaffolding planks and walkboard interchangably, although different people interpret them both differently. Years ago it was aluminum plywood, and then aluminum. We are really good at them both, and the 7' Severe Duty Alumiinum Plywood Walkboard is my favorite product we carry. These days he's into the solid sawn pine and LVL.

If you are going to buy scaffold planks and also have a need for scaffolding frames, or vice versa, we are undoubtedly the place to buy. This is because we are the only scaffolding company in the country that manufactures our own 2" X 10" pine scaffold plank. If you buy scaffolding planks from us, they ship from the same warehouse as your frames. This saves freight, money and time. 

Our lumber division is my fathers most recent pet project and we hope a major convinience for Mason's all over, and especially in the southeast, for the reasons above. With the help of some cutting edge technology, we manufacture scaffold planks in the back right corner of our early twentieth century tobacco warehouse. With the addition of LVL and new sources of solid sawn lumber, we have hired a 30 year Weyerhaeuser man out of retirement to head the division.
I'll also mention my favorite product, our entireley modular Aluminum Plywood Walkboards. My father designed this walkboard with rental abuse in mind. Every part is replaceable, meaning these walkboards just keep ticking. Break a hook? We'll FedEx you a new one. Punch a hole in the plywood deck? We'll FedEx you a new deck. It also punctured the aluminum rib underneath? We'll FedEx you that too... and it's just four carriage bolts to make both of those changes.

We have four offerings of scaffolding planks in order to try and offer a walkboard for any situation or application. Each has it's own advantages, and I reccomend taking the time to read up on the options before making a selection. Click on a particular category above to read about it.