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ScaffoldMart's Severe Duty Premium 7' Solid Aluminum Walkboard

There is no comparison between our all aluminum planks and others… Why? We design all of our own products and our design for our all-aluminum board has turned out above our expectations. By carefully adding metal in all the right places (like the critical radii) we have engineered a walk-board that is ultra strong and extremely rigid. It’s so strong we renamed it Severe Duty in following with our incredible alum/ply board which goes 11,000 pounds. Our most recent load test with our latest design was eye popping. How about 9,195 pounds... in the uniform load test? Our older version went 5,300 pounds. That’s a mind numbing 212 pounds per square foot at the OSHA 4-to-1 safety ratio. Compare this to others that rate at 75 pounds per square foot and still others that rate their board at 50 pounds per square foot. Ours is over four times stronger for less money! We will put 75 pounds per square foot on our label to be conservative... but you know the actual truth. This helps add drastically to the safety margin, and piece of mind. Instead of a 4-to-1 safety factor you get as compared to those that rate at 50 pounds per square foot ours comes in at a 17-to-1 safety factor! What would you rather be standing on at height? There is much less flex than you get in other competitive boards…

View our latest test here ⇒ Aluminum Walkboard Load Test

Some of the superior features that make this better than similar but lesser boards are:

Almost every solid aluminum board has tri-shaped ribs on top as does ours. The difference being a tool is used as the extrusion exits the mold while it's still hot that indents the tri-rib adding a series of traction grooves all along the board for absolutely superior boot traction. This feature should not be taken lightly when using an all aluminum board when it's wet from rain or first thing in the morning with dew on the ground.

Our main I-beams are a full 2 mm thick. The upper I-beam radius is generous. More so than any other board we have seen or tested. This adds major support for the top aluminum layer that you actually walk on. Wind latch is standard on both ends. Latch pivots in a swing pattern and prevents uplift in high wind conditions. Rigidity also is gained from our slotted manufacturing process. We designed a slot into the two main I beams. One a male and one side a female so that they mate together perfectly. This mated condition down the entire length of the board is superior to trying to bolt 2 large extrusions together in three places along the seam. Our old design was bolted together and was squishy along the seam.

Grady Smith